Challenge yourself. Challenge others. Challenge the world.
Be Challenged.
Be Challenged.

Welcome to Lutheran Theological Seminary Saskatoon!

The theme of our school is Be Challenged. This is a time of renewal in the life of the Christian church. The world is changing and God is working in exciting new ways. Change brings challenges and we are taking them up.

Venture into the unknown with us and learn just why Lutheran Theological Seminary is the best place to follow God's calling for you.

Discover us, and take up the Challenge.

LTS is an inclusive community and offers hospitality to all who participate in our programs of study. As disciples of Christ committed to public leadership among God's people in diverse and challenging cultural contexts, we eagerly learn from and welcome one another's diversity, including, but not limited to, theological perspective, race, ethnicity, nationality, gender identity, relationship status, age, physical ability, social and economic status and sexual orientation.


  • Small Footprint, Big Impact

    This page is dedicated to keep you up to date on the changes that are happening at the seminary and the challenges we face as we strive forward in progressive ways. We plan to be a seminary in a smaller facility but still making a big impact in the world around us. This is why we call this plan...

  • Events

      Come see the newest information about the Seminary, the Synods and Lutheran Congregartions across Western Canada. Your NEW hub for the Canadian Lutheran Community.  

  • Stories

    Meet Erin! LTS Student Erin talks about the importance of seminary and how your support makes a difference.