Board of Governors

Our Board of Governors is composed of eight elected members (a clergy and lay person from each Western synod), four Bishops (one from each synod), and a representative appointed by the National Church.

The President and the National Bishop sit on the Board as ex officio members.


The current members are:


  • Bishop Greg Mohr – British Columbia Synod
  • Rev. David Hunter - British Columbia Synod
  • Sue Palmer (Lay) - British Columbia Synod


  • Bishop Larry Kochendorfer – Alberta & The Territories Synod
  • Rev. Kristian Wold - Alberta & The Territories Synod
  • Laureen Wray (Lay) - Alberta & The Territories Synod


  • Bishop Sid Haugen – Saskatchewan Synod
  • Rev. Stewart Miller - Saskatchewan Synod
  • Mary Vetter (Lay) - Saskatchewan Synod


  • Bishop Jason Zinko – Manitoba/Northwestern Ontario Synod
  • Rev. Leslie Poulin - Manitoba/Northwestern Ontario Synod
  • Bev. Wahl (Lay) - Manitoba/Northwestern Ontario Synod


Advisory Members:

  • Bishop Susan Johnson (National Bishop)
  • Rev. Dr. William Harrison – President LTS
  • Rev. Dr. Kayko Driedger Hesslein - Faculty LTS