Rev. Dr. Gordon Jensen
Position: Academic Dean, William Hordern Professor of Systematic Theology
Phone: 639-398-4342

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William Hordern Chair of Theology, Academic Dean

“My primary interests lie in Luther’s theology of the cross and its implications for today, Lutheran Sacramental Theology, and the history and theology of the Lutheran Confessions. The Lutheran Confessions play an important role in laying the groundwork for ecumenical dialogues and conversations today. I am committed to an awareness of the Lutheran and ecumenical global community in my teaching. I am also interested in exploring Luther’s understanding of Scripture and Sacraments.”


  • BA (with distinction), University of Alberta
  • MDiv, Lutheran Theological Seminary Saskatoon
  • PhD (Governor General’s Gold Medal), University of St. Michael’s College, Toronto

Pastoral Work

  • Pastor, St. Joseph Lutheran Church, Hay Lakes, AB, and Scandia Lutheran Church, Armena, AB 1992-2001
  • Assistant Pastor, St. Olaf Lutheran Church, Swift Current, SK; Hallonquist Lutheran Church, Hallonquist, SK; and Trinity Lutheran Church, Simmie, SK 1984-1988

Other Appointments

  • Adjunct Faculty, University of Saskatchewan, Department of History and Department of Religion and Culture, CMRS fellow, 2006-

Selected Publications

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