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placeholderAt our recent graduation President Harrison spoke about A Time of Change at Lutheran Theological Seminary.

LTS:  A New Path Forward 

Good news! 

I am pleased to announce that Lutheran Theological Seminary, Saskatoon (LTS) has chosen a new home.  We will share the Lutheran Campus Centre at the University of Saskatchewan (U of S) in Saskatoon with Lutheran Campus Ministry.  This building is located at 1302 College Ave., close to the heart of the University and across the street from two of our friends:  St. Andrew’s College (SAC) and St. Thomas More College.  We anticipate relocating in the summer of 2020, taking up the challenge of contemporary theological education and formation in a new place that sustains and renews our familiar relationships while facilitating new ones.  

We set out to be FAR-sighted, seeking Financial, Academic, and Recruiting benefits, and we believe that we have accomplished these goals while sustaining our innovative flexible-delivery curriculumOur costs in the Campus Centre facility will be more sustainable.  We will be more closely linked to Theology and Religious Studies schools on campus, and will have increased visibility in the university community.  We will also be more engaged with the Lutheran community and others who meet through Lutheran Campus Ministry. 

  I thank God and all of you for the support that we have received through our discernment process over the last 18 months and for the friendships made and deepened.  Your engagement, your prayers, and your financial generosity enable us to move forward in response to God’s call to Be Challenged.

Yours in Christ,

The Rev. Dr. William Harrison