Board of Governors

Our Board of Governors is composed of eight elected members (a clergy and lay person from each Western synod), four Bishops (one from each synod), and a representative appointed by the National Church.

The President and the National Bishop sit on the Board as ex officio members.


The Board works with the President to oversee LTS and provide direction. We are excited to be engaged with the Seminary's transformation process, as we move into a new model of education. Our focus is on strengthening leadership, pastoral, diaconal, and lay, for Lutherans and others in Western Canada and around the world.

  - Laureen Wray - Chairperson
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The current members are:


  • Bishop Kathy Martin – British Columbia Synod
  • Rev. David Hunter - British Columbia Synod
  • Sue Palmer (Lay) - British Columbia Synod


  • Bishop Larry Kochendorfer – Alberta & The Territories Synod
  • Rev. Kristian Wold - Alberta & The Territories Synod
  • Laureen Wray (Lay) - Alberta & The Territories Synod


  • Bishop Sid Haugen – Saskatchewan Synod
  • Rev. Stewart Miller - Saskatchewan Synod
  • Mary Vetter (Lay) - Saskatchewan Synod


  • Bishop Jason Zinko – Manitoba/Northwestern Ontario Synod
  • Rev. Leslie Poulin - Manitoba/Northwestern Ontario Synod
  • Bev. Wahl (Lay) - Manitoba/Northwestern Ontario Synod


Advisory Members:

  • Bishop Susan Johnson (National Bishop)
  • Rev. Dr. William Harrison – President LTS
  • Rev. Dr. Kayko Driedger Hesslein - Faculty LTS
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