President’s Greeting

President 2

Welcome to a cosmos of possibilities!

Lutheran Theological Seminary, Saskatoon invites people of all and no Christian backgrounds to investigate Christian ideas and activities.  We are an inclusive school, encouraging people of all colours, genders, and heritages to follow a journey of discovery.

We specialize in flexible delivery format courses because we understand that today’s world offers a variety of new and powerful ways to learn and to enter into community.  We have some purely on-line courses.  Other courses are built around intensive format participation on campus for one or two week periods, combined with distance-learning projects and conversation.

We do all of these things because we believe that the greatest news in history is that God reaches out in love to everyone, everywhere.  We want to enable you to understand what God is doing in the world and see how you can participate.

We believe that each of us is called to see God in our lives, to become theologians of our own lives.  In turn, we can help others to see God in their lives, becoming theologians of their own lives.

Join us and find the Good News in your life!


William H. Harrison

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