Rev. Dr. Kyle Schiefelbein-Guerrero Granted Tenure

Dr. KSG at Convocation 2024, reading the names of LTS graduates in his role as Faculty Secretary.

On behalf of LTS, President William Harrison is pleased to announce that Rev. Dr. Kyle Schiefelbein-Guerrero, Grace Professor of Leadership, has been granted tenure, to take effect on July 1, 2024. Grant of tenure means that a faculty member now has permanent status with the school. With this step, LTS recognizes the extensive teaching and practical experience that Dr. Schiefelbein-Guerrero brings to our school, along with the substantial contribution that he has made in his time with us. We look forward to building a future together, as we imagine leadership in tomorrow's church and prepare our students to serve.

“I am very honoured by this public affirmation of my work in both the academy and the church,” says Dr. KSG, “and I thank the tenure committee, President Harrison, and the Board of Governors for their continual support. This recognition energizes my commitment to providing a strong Lutheran voice in the ecumenical context of western Canada and beyond.

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