Occasional Non-Program

Our school offers courses for Students who wish to take occasional courses:

Please note: those students who are planning on entering a degree program, but are not yet ready to, may take courses as an occasional student until they are prepared for enrollment into a degree program. A student may register and take courses as an occasional student, prior to admission to a degree program. Up to six (6) of those courses may be transferred into a degree program.

Students Taking Courses For Personal Interest

A student may apply as an occasional student and take courses either for credit or for audit.


Taking Courses for Credit

Anyone can apply to take a course for credit. Please note that not all courses are available to occasional students. Not all courses are available to occasional students, as some courses require pre-requisites.

Generally, no more than three occasional courses may be taken per semester.

Taking Courses for Audit

Anyone can apply to audit a course. But please note that not all courses are available to auditing students.

Auditors will not be required to complete any course assignments or write examinations nor be entitled to having course work corrected.

Courses will be identified on a student’s transcript by the notation AUDIT.

Course Format Options

Occasional students may take:

  • On-site intensive courses, or
  • Intensive distributed learning courses (designated with the DL suffix to the course number), or
  • Asynchronous, semester-long distributed learned courses (designated with the DLA suffix in the course number)

Note: Intensive courses are typically two weeks long, all day. Asynchronous semester-long courses are accessed through an online learning platform where students are free to work on course material according to their own time schedules.

Please visit our Learning Formats page for more details.

Requirements for Admission as an Occasional Student

  • Completion of the online application form for admission (please see below)
  • Submission of a $25 application fee.

Tuition / Fees

Occasional students taking courses for credit must pay the full course tuition. Auditors pay the audit tuition.

Please visit our Tuition Page for more information.


Please visit our Admissions Page to learn how to apply.


Learn More About LTS Programs

Read our current Academic Handbook (for MDiv, MTS and Certificates) for more detail about studying at our seminary.

Apply Now

Students must apply online:

Occasional Non Program Application Form

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