Learning Formats

Courses at LTS are offered in different formats. 

Not all learning formats are available to all programs. For example, most asynchronous courses are not available to students in the MDiv program. Please consult your program handbook to determine availabilities.

Course Formats

LTS courses are delivered in different formats, characterized by

  1. Means of delivery (onsite or online), and
  2. Course length (intensive or semester long), and
  3. Course scheduling-format (standard, hybrid, blended, split)

To determine how each course will be delivered in the current academic year, please consult either:

  1. Current Course Offerings or
  2. The course syllabi as posted for each course, in Populi.  See more on Populi below.

Classroom setting


Classes are offered onsite or online or a combination of the two. 

Classes may be synchronous or asynchronous (see detailed descriptions below):

  1. Onsite courses are synchronous and are usually held in LTS classrooms either in Saskatoon or another town/city. Alternatively, they may be held in Andrews College classrooms in our building, or at sites that students visit as a group.
  2. Online courses are either synchronous or asynchronous:
  • Online synchronous courses are live-streamed using an online platform (such as ZOOM). These courses have a ‘DL’ designation in the suffix of the course number (e.g. SL210DL Theology I), OR,
  • Online asynchronous courses can be accessed at any time (day or night) using an online platform (e.g. Populi).  These courses have a ‘DLA’ designation in the suffix of the course number (e.g. SL210DLA Theology I).



Courses are either intensive or semester long (extended):

  1. Intensive Courses
  • Courses are 1 or 2 weeks long, often all day each day.
  • Classes are synchronous and may be held onsite or online, or both.
  • Courses may be scheduled in one of the following formats:

Standard courses: held within a one or two-week time frame. They are offered either entirely onsite or entirely online.

Hybrid courses: some students join the class onsite at the same time that others join via live-streaming.

Split courses: the first half of the course is held in one section of the academic year and the second half is held later in that year.  Split courses usually have a ‘part a’ section and ‘part b’ section in the course number (e.g. PA110a and PA110b). Students must enroll in both sections of a course.

  1. Semester Long (Extended) Courses
  • Courses are typically taken over a 4-month period
  • Classes can be synchronous or asynchronous.

Synchronous Courses:

  • Class times for synchronous courses are typically three hours per week, and may be held onsite or online, or a blend of the two.
  • Onsite synchronous classes are held in LTS or Andrew’s College classrooms.
  • Online synchronous classes take place via live-streaming and these courses have a ‘DL’ designation in the suffix of the course number (e.g. SL201DL).

Asynchronous Courses:

  • Course work is taken through an online learning platform such as Populi, on a time schedule that suits the student. On occasion, professors and classmates may meet online at pre-determined times.
  • Course assignments have scheduled deadlines throughout the term.
  • Asynchronous courses have a ‘DLA’ designation in the suffix of the course number (e.g. SL210DLA).



Populi is the name of our school’s student management program.  Registered students at our Seminary, who have a password to Populi, can use it for many purposes such as registering for courses, checking for grades, accessing course syllabi, reviewing their financial record with the seminary, and accessing a variety of files and forms that students may wish to or need to use.

Populi is accessed online using the https://ltssk.populiweb.com/.  Note: This link to Populi can always be found on the LTS website Home Page, located in small font on the top, horizontal menu bar.  See Populi on the home page at https://lutherantheological.ca/ .

Remote learning



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