Why is LTS the best choice?

The theme of our school is Be Challenged. This is a time of renewal in the life of the Christian church. The world is changing, and God is working in exciting new ways. Change brings challenges and we are engaging them.

Venture into the unknown with us.

We invite you to Challenge Yourself. With LTS, you will be called upon to grow in many ways, understanding God and the world more deeply, developing new skills and discovering new resources in yourself and the church.

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We invite you to Challenge Others. At LTS, our learning serves the Christian community. The formation that you receive with us will enable you to challenge the church to a richer experience of God in action.

We invite you to join with others to Challenge the World. LTS lives in and for the world. The ultimate goal of all that we do is to share God’s love with the whole world.

We are a different kind of school.

We are a Small Footprint, Big Impact school. Our onsite classes follow an intensive format. This means that our students live at home, wherever they are, and come to Saskatoon for one or two weeks at a time. The rest of the time, work is done online. 

For some courses, we have a hybrid classroom option, with a group of students in the classroom and others joining in electronically, from the comfort of their own living rooms. We also offer online courses; some of our programs are entirely electronic, so that you can study in your own time.

In short, whether you live in Thunder Bay or Tofino, Whitehorse or White Rock, or in another part of Canada and the world, you can study with LTS. You don’t need to come here to come here!

Discover us and take up the Challenge!

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