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Photo: Rev. Dr. Iain Luke (Principal ESC); Rev. Dr. William Harrison (President LTS); Dr. Richard Manley-Tannis (Principal SAC)


Together and Distinct: The Saskatoon Theological Union

The three schools of the Saskatoon Theological Union are pleased to share the joyful news that they have come together in a single building on the University of Saskatchewan campus.

The College of Emmanuel & St. Chad (Anglican Church of Canada), Lutheran Theological Seminary Saskatoon (Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada), and St. Andrew’s College (United Church of Canada) now occupy adjacent portions of the current St. Andrew’s College facility, on College Drive beside the hospital and medical complex.

Prior to the move in 2020, Emmanuel & St. Chad (ESC) and Lutheran Theological Seminary (LTS) were in a large building owned by LTS situated at the northwest corner of the university campus. That building is quite a distance from St. Andrew's College (SAC) and from other academic institutions on the university campus. The move has enabled ESC, LTS, and SAC to cooperate much more closely, including more class sharing and interaction among faculty, staff, and students, both formally and informally. Greater resource-sharing is now possible. Together, we are stronger and more efficient.

The three library collections are now physically unified in the SAC library area, while remaining distinct in the records. Having the three collections in one place has increased better-access to the resources from all STU schools.  We now share all library staff; library services and efficiency have improved.

No decision has yet been made about the future of the existing LTS building which is owned by LTS and located on land leased from the University of Saskatchewan.

The college communities of the STU are excited to share space, convinced that God’s mission has drawn us into fresh partnership, and readying us to discern how this new opportunity will enable us to respond to God’s call.


Reconciling in Christ

In November 2018, the LTS Board of Governors adopted a statement affirming our commitment to diversity. The statement is as follows: “LTS is an inclusive community and offers hospitality to all who participate in our programs of study. As disciples of Christ committed to public leadership among God's people in diverse and challenging cultural contexts, we eagerly learn from and welcome one another's diversity, including, but not limited to, theological perspective, race, ethnicity, nationality, gender identity, relationship status, age, physical ability, social and economic status and sexual orientation.”

Consistent with this statement and our intention to welcome all who seek to study at LTS and participate in the life of the seminary, the board has declared its commitment to becoming a Reconciling in Christ school. This designation means that we are a supportive place for people of all gender identities and sexual orientations. We will continue to seek ways to foster diversity and ensure warmth of welcome at LTS.



We ask your continued prayers for LTS. Preparing leaders is critical in this time of transition in the life of the seminary, the church and the world. Please ask God’s blessing on teachers, administrators, and staff, as we move forward into the future that God holds for us all.

Ms. Laureen Wray                                                                     The Rev. Dr. William Harrison

Chair, Board of Governors                                                         President



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