Programs For Everyone

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MDiv (Master of Divinity)

The Master of Divinity is our basic professional degree. If you want to serve the church as a pastor or in a related professional role, this is the right programme. LTS is supported by the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada, so we are the place to go if that’s where you see your future. We prepare people for other church denominations too, so it’s worth asking whether we can work with you.

MTS (Master of Theological Studies)

The Master of Theological Studies (MTS) program is designed for those wishing to study theology for personal growth while developing and integrating faith and theology in their vocation within church and society, but who are not interested in serving as ordained pastors in the Lutheran Church. Other denominations may recognize this degree as valuable preparation for serving as a pastor in their church.

Studying Hard!
Studying Hard!

DMin (Doctor of Ministry)

The Doctor of Ministry (DMin) program is designed as a professional degree with a concentration in Rural Ministry and Community Development. The program is primarily targeted towards ministers of all denominations in Western Canada in a town or country setting who are interested in a rigorous program of interdisciplinary theological study aimed at helping them to lead their ministry sites in a more effective engagement with their communities.

Lay academy

Leading in Faith Today (LIFT)

Learning that cultivates biblical and theological understanding, develops skills and knowledge in leadership and discipleship, and deepens the spiritual life.