Certificate in Lutheran Leadership (Lay Track)

The Certificate in Lutheran Leadership (Lay Track) equips lay leaders to live more fully into their baptismal calling with the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC) contexts.  

The program can be pursued on a full-time or part-time basis. 

Program Goal:
The program (CLLL) seeks to prepare participants to lead non-Sacramental worship, respond to emerging pastoral care needs, facilitate Christian education at all age levels, work together with rostered leaders, and develop strong administration skills.  The foundation of the Certificate will be continual formation and education in Lutheran Theology.

CLLL Curriculum Requirements:
Nine courses make up the CLLL program:
Lutheran Formation 1
Lutheran Formation 2
Lutheran Formation 3
Public Practical Ministry for the Whole People of God
Introduction to the Bible and Biblical Interpretation
Public Practical Ministry 2
Pastoral Care
Leadership in the Church (including digital worship)
God and Suffering or Christology or Pneumatology

CLL Requirements for Admission:
Interest, as a lay leader in one's church, with the goal to increase personal formation and education in Lutheran theology.

Tuition and Fees 


Please visit our Admissions page to learn how to apply
It is important to note that the online application form must be completed in full (or near full), and the application must be paid before we can begin processing our application.

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