Certificate in Lutheran Leadership (Pastor Track)


The Certificate for Lutheran Leadership - Pastor Track  (CLLP) is an academic, professional certificate program for

  • approved ELCIC* candidates for ordination who have studied at non-Lutheran seminaries, or
  • pastors from a non-Lutheran tradition who have been endorsed by an ELCIC* Candidacy Committee as a candidate for acceptance to the roster of pastors, or
  • those approved for the ELCIC’s Alternate Route for Admission to the Roster of Pastors.

The CLLP allows the student to complete a period of intensive reflection on the Lutheran understanding of the core sources of the faith.

*ELCIC = Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada


The Certificate in Lutheran Leadership is a mix of one or two-week intensive courses, either online or onsite, with other students in the MDiv, MTS, and CLL programs. Students can choose whether to take the courses online or onsite, where applicable.

The Certificate requires a minimum of nine courses.

Although not required for the Certificate from LTS, students in the CLLP will be expected by their ELCIC Synodical Candidacy Committee to have completed one unit (quarter) of CPE/PCE and a supervised internship before they will be eligible for the Western Synods Examination (Colloquy Exam)and or being placed on the roster of ordained ministers in the ELCIC.

Required Courses (minimum 9 courses)

The following courses are the minimum required for the Certificate. Candidacy Committees may require additional courses beyond those listed here.) Courses marked * are required to be taken on-site.

  1. LTS101 Lutheran Formation 1*
  2. LTS201 Lutheran Formation 2*
  3. LTS301 Lutheran Formation 3*
  4. SL120 Lutheran Confessions
  5. CLQ201 Learning In and From Indigenous Contexts/Indigenous Intercultural Relations*
  6. CAP360 Leadership, Polity, and Administration
  7. Advanced Lutheran Liturgical and Homiletical Leadership
  8. Course to be determined with faculty advisor
  9. Course to be determined with faculty advisor

Requirement for Admission

  1. Synodical Candidacy Committee endorsement.
  2. Completion of the LTS application form for admission into the Certificate In Lutheran Leadership- Pastor Track program.” The application incudes a small photograph, autobiography, application fee ($75), and other requested information (as documented in the form).
  3. Receipt of official transcripts from the school(s) where the student has been enrolled in an MDiv course.
  4. The receipt of three letters of reference on behalf of the student.
  5. Documentation of criminal records check and vulnerable sector registry check (as available).

Please note that transcripts and references must be sent directly from the schools and referees, to the LTS registrar.

Tuition / Fees

Visit our Tuition Page for a summary of tuition and other program fees.


Visit our Admissions Page to learn how to apply.

It is important to note that the online application form must be completed in full (or near to full), and the application fee must be paid before we can begin processing your application.

Learn More About the Program

Please contact the Registrar at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Apply Now

Students must apply online. 

CLLP ONLINE APPLICATION FORM:  If your candidacy committee has recommended that you enroll in the CLL-Pastor Track program, please contact the registrar.  The registrar requires a letter from your candidacy committee confirming their recommendation.  Once in hand, the registrar will provide you with the link to the online CLL application form.




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