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About the Lay Academy

The Lay Academy is a collaborative program of the Lutheran Theological Seminary and four Western Synods of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada (ELCIC), that seeks to provide continuing education opportunities for lay people in the church and for those being prepared for the Lay Leadership. The establishment of the Lay Academy is in response to the leadership needs of congregations and the interest expressed by lay people for a comprehensive program of study.


Our Mission, Our Vision

The Lay Academy will provide lay persons with continuously developing skills and knowledge in theology, leadership and discipleship, deepening their spiritual life, and equipping them for work and mission in the congregation.

In addition to empowering lay people for ministry in their daily life, our goal is to assist the church in educating authorized lay ministers in underserved areas for ministry.

Our Values

The Lay Academy training program values:

  • Accessibility – presentation options are provided to accommodate a variety of learning styles and delivery methods.
  • Fun — where individuals anticipate the learning and development experience without resenting the investment of time.
  • Hospitality — in an environment where participation is inviting and reassuring.

  • Integration — where faith and life come together as an expression of the Gospel.

  • Purposeful — where individuals discover a depth of discipleship and breadth of Christian community.

  • Relational — where individuals develop a deep sense of belonging supported by the development of healthy relationships.

  • Safety — where there is open acceptance without fear of judgment or rejection.