Master of Theological Studies Introduction

The Master of Theological Studies (MTS) program is designed for those wishing to study theology for personal growth while developing and integrating faith and theology in their vocation within church and society, but who are not interested in serving as ordained pastors in the Lutheran Church. Other denominations may recognize this degree as valuable preparation for serving as a pastor in their church.

Program Credits:

Fifty-four (54) credits make up the MTS program. This is equivalent to 18 three-credit courses.


Program Tracks:

Our school offers two optional tracks for those in the MTS program:

  1. A major in: Biblical, Theological or Historical Studies (MTS General)
  2. A major in Diaconal Ministry, for those wanting a more comprehensive program of study than the Certificate in Diaconal Ministry, and who are interested in serving as diaconal ministers in the church as a vocation.

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