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The Master of Theological Studies (MTS General Studies) program is designed for those wishing to study for personal growth while developing and integrating faith and theology in their vocation within church and society, but are are not interested in serving as ordained pastors in the Lutheran Church. Other denominations may recognize this degree as valuable preparation for serving as a pastor in their church.

Program Goal

The aim of the MTS (General Studies) is fourfold, namely to:

  1. Provide opportunity for the academic study of theology at an advanced level.
  2. Help the student prepare for ministry in the church in a role other than as an ordained pastor.
  3. Supply a solid background in specific theological disciplines as a basis for further study.
  4. Foster integration of faith and practice within the church and in the community.


The MTS curriculum is comprised of 54 credits, which is equivalent to 18 three-credit courses.

The program is, at a minimum, a two year course of study.  Students may study part time for four to five years.

An outline of MTS courses and other curriculum requirements can be viewed in this PDF file: 2022-23 PDF coming soon.

Curriculum Sequence:

It should be noted that not all courses are offered each academic year.

  1. Intensive courses are offered in a two-year cycle. Students may begin their studies in either year. The sequence for intensive courses is as follows:
  • Year A offers bible and pastoral courses
  • Year B offers theological and church history courses
  1. Semester-long online courses (asynchronous) are offered based on a four-year cycle that is geared for part-time study. Students must check the list of course offerings for each year to find out what courses are offered in the current academic year. Note: online asynchronous courses have a 'DLA' suffix in the course number (e.g. SL210DLA).

Requirements for Admission

  1. Attainment of the Bachelor of Arts degree, or its equivalent, from a recognized college or university.
    • A World Religions course is strongly recommended.
    • For those over the age of 31 and without a BA or its equivalent, LTS will consider successful completion of a LTS Prior Learning Assessment application. .
  2. Completion of the online MTS Application for Admission, plus
    • submission of supporting documents as outlined in the application form (such as transcripts, references (3), autobiographical statement, etc.).
    • submission of the application fee.
  3. For those whose first language is not English, a TOEFL must be successfully completed. (Test of English as a Foreign Language):
    • IBT score (including the speaking component) of 88 with no component less than 20, or
    • if the TOEFL IBT is not available, a minimum TOEFL score of 550 (paper based) is a prerequisite. 

Tuition / Fees

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Learn More About the Program

Read our current Academic Handbook (for MDiv, MTS and Certificates) for more detail about the MTS (General Studies Program) and about studying at our seminary.

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