Chapel Worship at Lutheran Theological Seminary, Saskatoon

The community of the Lutheran Theological Seminary gathers daily for worship at 11:40am when classes are in session and most Thursdays throughout the year.

We gather, hear the Word, share the Lord’s Supper, and are sent. We sing praises, lament, renew Baptismal promises, and pray for the life of God’s world. We proclaim that Christ has died, Christ has risen, and Christ will come again. Worship is the central ground of our lives as a seminary community.

The liturgical traditions of our community emerge from Biblical texts, historic Christian rites, reforming principles of the Lutheran Confessions, and a rich heritage of liturgical music. These things shape the practices of our worship life as contemporary Christians studying in an ecumenical context in western Canada.


The Chapel worship schedule, when classes are in session:

Monday 11:40am Morning Prayer
Tuesday 11:40am Services of the Word
Wednesday 11:40am Evening Prayer
Thursday 11:40am Eucharist
Friday 11:40am Creative Liturgy

One Tuesday a month the STU (Saskatoon Theological Union) worships together and lunch is offered after worship. Thursday Eucharist is shared with the Anglican College of Emmanuel and St. Chad.

To ensure the practice of planning and leading worship in ways that foster communal participation, to build competence in all areas of liturgical worship, and to create opportunities for rehearsing worship leadership, all seminarians (full-time and occasional) work together with the Chapel Dean to plan and lead worship throughout the year. Everyone is a leader!

The Seminary uses inclusive language in worship according to the mandated ELCIC guidelines. The Psalter in the ELW is used for psalmody. The NRSV is used for proclamation of the word. Care will be taken in preaching and in prayers to honour this commitment to inclusive language.

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